A Cool Watch, a Cool TV and they are Green

Starting off the blog with some cool finds this past weekend. Not really sure what to do as I am new to blogging but wish me luck. This is my first article. Hope you like it!

Looking for a Unique Watch? Purchase a Solar Powered Watch

Today’s society is a very busy one, thus there is always the need to wear a watch. The only problem is, what kind of watch is the most accurate? For a unique and accurate option, one should consider purchasing a solar powered watch.

What is a Solar Powered Watch?

A solar powered watch is a watch that is powered, either entirely or partly, by a solar panel. The solar panel absorbs artificial light as well as sunlight behind the crystal in the watch. The dial of the watch is either actually on the solar panel itself, or located a layer above it. Light is converted into electrical energy by the solar panel, and this is the energy used to power the watch.

The Casio Solar Powered Watch

If one is looking to invest in a solar powered watch, there are a variety of different brands that sell them. However, a particularly popular brand of watch is the Casio solar powered watch. The Casio Pathfinder Protrek is a solar powered watch that is also referred to as a solar atomic watch. It includes an altimeter barometer, a thermometer, and a digital compass.

Protrek Solar Watch

This watch has a full auto EL backlight, which means, in terms of solar energy, that the watch automatically deactivates the backlight function when there is a sufficient amount of light surrounding the watch. When it comes to the specific implementation of solar power, the Casio Pathfinder Protrek has a battery that will charge when placed in direct contact with any light source.

Another interesting aspect of the Casio Pathfinder Protrek is its radio signal keeper in regard to its atomic time keeping. Having a watch that keeps the accurate time is very important, and so this solar powered watch has the ability to receive time calibration signals to accomplish that.

In conjunction with timekeeping, this watch also has a full auto calendar. This means that the watch has inbuilt allowances for months that are different lengths, in case the watch is being used during the course of a leap year.

The Casio Pathfinder Protrek is just one example of the many different kinds of Casio solar powered watches that are available. These watches can be found locally in such places as department stores, and they can also be found via various websites on the internet. Their prices vary, but a solar powered watch generally costs at least $100. Regardless of the price, if one is looking for a unique watch, a solar powered watch is an excellent choice.

Keep Up With News On Solar Power TV

One of the appliances in the house used possibly the most is the family television set and a new solar power TV can help reduce the operating costs. They are especially useful in homes built off the beaten path where a regular supplier of electricity does not exist.

There have been 12-volt power television sets on the market for many years that were used in cars and recreational vehicles. Some even were capable of dual power use, 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC. Since solar generated electricity is direct current these types of televisions make an ideal solar power TV. When the power goes out during a storm or other natural disaster having a small solar power generator available can be an advantage to being able to get news of the event on television as well as operate lights and small appliances. If they do not have the same dual-power capability as your solar power TV, then a converter will be needed to operate them on direct current.

Build Your Own Solar Power Generator

You can build your own solar power generator for a couple of hundred dollars, depending on how much power you are looking to have. A small solar panel, generating enough electricity to power a solar power TV and a few other small appliances can be bought for under $100. The solar panel is connected to a deep-cycle battery, or marine battery. The deep-cycle battery is needed for continuous use.

Solar Powered Home

A 12-DC meter and an input plug, like the lighter in you car is also needed, but if you are planning to use more than one item other than the solar power TV, you can get a multiple input box at most sporting goods or recreational vehicle stores. To operate AC appliances you will need a converter. A 115 volt, 140 watt should be sufficient for a color solar power TV, about 60 watts, and a VCR, about 20 watts, you will be using 80 watts. Wattage requirements are always listed on the appliance. Attach the inverter to the battery by means of the plug, place the solar panel on the roof during the day and generate your own power, In can take five hours to fully charge a battery and about two or three to bring a used one up to full strength.

However, with this set-up you can watch your solar power TV just about all night, on a fully charged battery.